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Backin’ Up

by Winton on Sep.04, 2010, under internet!, meme

Cause my daddy taught me good!

Thanks Zen!

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You Became A Meme!

by Winton on Jun.20, 2010, under maclab meme, meme

If Country music were more like this I might actually listen to it :P

CollegeHumor are fantastic!

You Became A Meme
Written By Ben Joseph & Conor McKeon
Sitting at home, cruisin’ round the Internet
You send a link, “funny pic” is what you said
“Lolcat?” Where’s the humor in this, dude?

I’m in New York, accepting my VMA prize
Kanye interrupts, can’t believe that just happened live
He preferred “Single Ladies” to my tune

Next day, top search: me and this jerk.
Remixes, mash ups, message boards gone beserk
Never dreamed one day that I’d wake up and find
That what you know me for is one clip online

Sometimes web geeks make jokes that catch on then won’t stop
My one bad day is now stuck on your laptop screen
I’ve become a meme
I’ve become a meme

You hadn’t been a star since the mid eighties
Someone pretends your vid is Lohan nudity
You’re finally famous again as a lame fake-out
Does it make you queasy?

And you were just a bear in some old jpeg file
Until 4chan said you were a pedophile
Now you just show up when girls are too young
You’re like an evil furry Chris Hansen

You went on TV, wouldn’t say “sorry”
His dad lied for a top news story
Be a huge dick or just play hide and seek
If the web laughs at you, you’ll be famous all week

You see online you don’t need much to be funny
A kid, some cats, they’ll add the irony…
You’ll become a meme.
You’ll become a meme

Oh you were trying to introduce a song, then you nearly lost your mind,
Just before you’re about to crack, you said we’ll just do it live.
They sent the clip around, you screamed left-wing conspiracy.
They only did it for the lulz, but it’s more than comedy…

In a week
I went from country music shows to
Hosting SNL, it’s not hard to see
It’s cause I’m a meme

Your vids, pics, posts do more make then just make fun
We know it’s love or at least free publicity…
You made us a meme.
You made us a meme.

You made us a meme.
Have you ever thought just maybe…
It’s good to be a meme.

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Robot Unicorn Attack

by Winton on Mar.23, 2010, under maclab meme, meme

If you have been living under a digital rock (which, with the amount of Uni work I’ve been doing it appears I have been) for the last several weeks then you may of missed the latest in meme technology.

A freaking Robot Unicorn.

Before you dismiss it with cries of “But I don’t like fun or entertainment! Why would I like this?” you should really try it, it will change your lif~ALWAYS I WANNA BE WITH YOU AND MAKE BELIEVE WITH YOU AND LIVE IN HARMONY HARMONY OH LOVE….

This embedded version is missing a few of the witty comments and general awesome bits, for the authentic experience get to it using the following link:

This picture pretty much sums up the entire experience for everyone I’ve ever seen play the game:

If you are looking for the (un-remixed) music that accompanied this amazing game:

Open your eyes, I see, your eyes are open. :D

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